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S ilver Lounge is uniquely situated in Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, Uyo, Akwa Ibom. The lounge is beautifully designed to give customers a great environment to dine, lounge and party. We pride ourself in providing guests with a spectacular bar, creative and delicious menu, and a high-taste yet cool environment. We are committed to providing excellent service and to offer our guests with everything they should deserve and expect..

  • Silver Lounge‚Äôs menu is diverse: offering fresh, delicious food at a reasonable price. Our chefs produce first class meals. Each dish is prepared with care using the finest of ingredients. Dining is served up with an extensive a la carte menu featuring a medley of Italian, International and Sushi specialities.
  • Lights and sounds were done with a unique balance that could be transformed at the touch of a button into nights to be remembered. Giant screens will project sports events, music videos or the latest news you do not want to miss. A Dj will be overlooking the whole restaurant and will be ready to manage live performances or music from around the globe.
  • Our decor is simple but eye catching. You will be welcome immediately by the warm atmosphere that will give you a belonging feeling..
  • Join us today for an extraordinary fine dining experience. We have a team of devoted chefs who are passionate about every detail that goes into our menu offerings. This passion translates into dishes that are a feast for your eyes and your appetite.
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